My name is Firtina Ozbalikci, I am a (current year - 1989) year old Computer Scientist. I have earned the Bachelor of Science Computer Science degree, classification 2.1 (with Honours) from University of Bath, United Kingdom.

Programmer by choice.

  • Excellent problem solver, especially when it comes to debugging.
  • Have initiative and drive to work independently or part of a team.
  • Adaptable and quick to learn new skills and swiftly become proficient.
  • Very passionate about technology (both software and hardware) and games.
  • Enjoys helping others.
I have been passionate about this field since I wrote my first script for an IRC client in my teenage years. Afterwards, most of my focus was directed towards videogame-related programming. I also partake in the development of websites, desktop applications and browser extensions.

See my CV for more (and better presented) information.

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