I have recently purchased McPixel for $10. It's a great point&click game, a lot of silly fun.

The developer had a promo with The Pirate Bay today. For a few days, it's having a "pay any amount you want" deal, from $0(free download from ThePiratebay) to $9001 (or more). This resulted in a lot of traffic to his site. I did not know that he had a "Highest Tips" section, until I took a look at my site's stats on Statcounter.

All of them referred through http://mcpixel.net !

I realized that I was #4 on the contributors list, and that resulted in a lot of clickthrough. That's only in a few hours. I think it will gradually decrease, though, since people are tipping higher than me already. After 2 more people tip more than $10, I will be off the list.

So if you're interested in gaining some clicks to your blog, you could do it by tipping sos more than $25 (the highest tip as of now).

Or just buy or download the game and have a great time.
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