A lot has happened since my last update!

First of all, I have joined Unity Technologies as a software developer!! This means I will be fixing some bugs, doing some code, and more. It's an amazing place and I'm really happy.

For obvious reasons I cannot really talk about what I am currently working on inside Unity Technologies, but I will keep posting about my hobby projects, problems I'm facing, and code stuff :)

Unity has improved their 2d joints user interface, making my last post a bit redundant, however it was still a great learning experience and I will update the project soon (tm) to remove code redundancies.

I have obtained a Razer OSVR Hacker Developer Kit, and am trying to get it to work with Steam VR, and may contribute to that project there. I like VR and open source, this is a good project.

I also created a ReactJS / THREE.js renderer (I had started working on this before joining Unity) and released it around a month ago, the reception was much better than I had expected, people are already using it for their projects! Even though it's in alpha and I told them not to! Amazing! Here are some demos I made if you're interested in that sort of thing: http://toxicfork.github.io/react-three-renderer-example/
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