The first time I saw the video below i searched all around the web for a demo. I couldn't find it. I searched for games similar to it, they also didn't exist.

After a while (years) I found out about Prey and Narbacular drop and I remembered how much I loved portals. I worked on a mod in Prey which enabled portals to be created anywhere.

Recorded by PelPix, and the mod's name (Narbacular Wrench) was also coined by him. Narbacular wrench is an extension of Delta's extension of Sars!'s Portal Wrench. I was only 18 then and had too much going on in my life (just finished high school, moving to UK for university, etc) to get it really completed.

Afterwards I played with ExitE (a half-life mod which was in development just before Portal came out, then it got scrapped), I heard about Portalized (by nullsquared) and that was quite amazing, too. But neither got released. And Portalized in beta form only worked well on NVIDIA graphics cards, and the work on it had been stopped (to later be taken over by others, converted into an open source project).

Then I heard about UDK, made portals in it.

However, UDK has too much of its code in native form (especially physics) and it was quite difficult (but not impossible) to work with it if you wanted to make something like "The Room".

So... I was looking for other engines on the web (as I think it is pointless to write one from scratch when there are so many out there) and I ran into Unity3D. I had finally found the perfect engine to copy "The Room"!

Here's the latest progress: Portals:

Digital Clay:

Now you might ask... why? I believe this to be a personal challenge to see that this project is completed before I am dead. Also, it has great educational value (working with portals has taught me a lot of physics and geometry).

Also, maybe I can sell the components of it (such as digital clay or portals) in Unity's Asset Store (as long as I don't violate any laws, because my work on this project is obviously highly inspired by the video at the top of this post).

The work on this project is suspended until I complete my other projects that I started before it (mainly: Project Aron).
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I am desperately looking for the code your using for your portals. If possible, please make the code or the project source available for download, if not for sale. Either way, your information is very important to a lot of people, and it would be truly appreciated if it was released, even if its not complete... thank you for your time, and i pray you consider...