I must warn you, since the project was an experiment it will not work perfectly at all. It has lots of issues, no documentation, and I'm not even sure if it works in the latest version of Unity. My student license has expired so I cannot check it very well. Apart from these, I think it should give you a general idea on how I implemented things. Look in Portal.cs, that's the main Portal code. Some of the rest are relevant, some of them are completely irrelevant (like AudioTest, that was for another project but I had this project open last so I just put it in here for quick prototyping). I think I will clean the project up and fix the bugs before making it "officially" open source. But since that might take a while (I'm busy with work/university/etc :P) here you go.
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by the gods, thank you for your response and honesty. Regardless, you will attain credit within the wall of obsidian once its code is understood and incorporated... thank you again for your time and hard work... compressed for me to use....lol

Be well